How to Detect Mac Computer Monitoring Software

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While Apple’s Mac computer line is often hailed as a nearly impenetrable system, this is not always true. While Mac computers may not get as many viruses as Windows machines, they are still susceptible to malicious attacks. Mac computers may still fall victim to such malicious programs as keyloggers and other monitoring software. These programs could be used to get access to private information and use it against you. Detecting such software on a Mac is simple, and requires only quality detection software.


  1. Purchase or download your detection software. Look for a spyware-type application that you can use on your Mac. ClamXav is a free program meant for antivirus scans, but could be beneficial. A paid but highly recommended program is MacScan. Once you know what software to use, install it.
  2. Launch the program and check immediately for updates. Checking for updates will ensure that your anti-spyware program is scanning for the widest variety of malicious applications, and will not miss any that may have recently been created.
  3. Scan your hard drive, the Macintosh HD. This scan may take a while depending on the size of your hard drive and the amount of files on it. The program will scan all your files and directories for any type of malicious programs, including monitoring and keylogging software. Once the scan is complete, remove all instances of these programs and restart your computer. It also can’t hurt to scan again just in case.
  4. Change all of your passwords, update your personal information, and check all of your online accounts to make sure that your information hasn’t been stolen or used. This could include buying accounts, personal websites, bank accounts, email and other information. If there is a chance someone has saved your passwords, they must be changed.


How to Transfer Software From One PC to Another

If you have ever purchased software for your PC, you know that the software may be useful to have on more than one PC in your home at the same time. This is a convenience that you may have to pay an extra fee when purchasing your software. If you decide to upgrade computers, however, and desire to transfer existing software from the older computer to your new purchase, you can do so using portable storage media, such as a portable hard drive or USB storage stick.


  1. Connect one end of the cable to the external hard drive and the other end to your computer or insert your USB storage media into the computer that has the software program you desire to transfer.
  2. Access the your computer’s hard drive and locate the files of the software that you want to transfer. This is done by opening the “Start” menu, clicking the “Computer” button, then double-clicking the icon marked “Local Drive C.” Within the hard drive, open the “Program Files” file. You will now see a list of files and folders. Your software file or folder will be normally be listed under the “Program Files” menu.
  3. Right-click on the software file or folder, then select the “Send To” option. On the “Send To” menu, you should see the external hard drive listed with its assigned drive letter, click this hard drive. Your software files are now located on the portable storage media.
  4. Disconnect the external hard drive or portable from the current PC and re-connect it to the new PC.
  5. Access the portable storage media device from your new PC and find the software files or folders that were obtained from the other computer.
  6. Send the software files from the external hard drive to the hard drive on the new computer using the previously described method. You have now transferred software from one PC to another.


How to Build Computer Software

Computer software consists of a series of instructions in a programming language; the programmer complies those statements into a form that a computer processor can understand. Building software requires knowledge of computer languages, syntax and logic to complete the process from start to finish. In addition to the technical knowledge required, a programmer must be familiar with the specialized software tools needed in the form of an editor, a compiler and a debugger.

Control Statements

  • Building computer software begins with the programmer’s choice of the three classes of control statements. Control statements process data, make decisions and repeat groups of instructions. The sequence structure describes program statements executed one after the other. The programmer inserts branching statements into a program wherever the program needs to follow two or more courses of execution based upon the evaluation of a piece of data. The final group of control structures repeats a statement or group of statements a specified number of times or until a certain event occurs.

Programming Instructions

  • A key concept that a programmer must understand holds that the computer will only do what she tells it to do. All program instructions must accomplish a task in a step-by-step manner. For example, adding two numbers requires a number of steps: Get one number and then get the other, add the first number to the second and place this sum in a new memory location. The programmer cannot assume any portion of the arithmetic statement.

    Repeating this addition problem requires that the programmer place it within a construct called a loop. The loop adds some new variables to the problem such as how many times to repeat the addition statements. Without the consideration of this requirement, the program can enter an infinite loop that crashes the computer.

    Many programming operations will follow one sequence of instructions if a condition is true (e.g., “Is it windy outside?”) and another sequence if it is false. Branching control structures enable this capability within a program.

Choosing a Programming Language

  • Programmers must choose a language in which to work from among the hundreds of languages available. As of 2010, the most popular languages are C++, Visual Basic and Java. If the developer wants to target her software to the Internet environment, PHP and Ruby make excellent choices. Each of these languages is relatively complex, and the programmer should plan on spending some time learning the specific syntax of the chosen language before setting out to build a piece of software.

Choosing Development Tools

  • The most important tool the programmer must select to build software is the compiler. Modern development environments combine all of the software tools needed to develop a program into a single suite. The programmer will use an editor to write the program statements and save them into a file. A compiler will read this file, checking the syntax as it does, and then convert the programming statements into instructions a specific computer processor and operating system can understand. The result is an executable file that the programmer can use or sell. Programmers can use individual tools (editor, compiler, etc.), but the all-in-one suite makes the process much more convenient.

Preparing to Program

  • Building computer software requires the proper tools, an understanding of a computer language and the ability to think logically. Software operates with hard logical constraints with no gray areas; the computer processor will not guess or make decisions on its own. The programmer should prepare to think through what he wants to accomplish with his design before sitting down at the keyboard to create a software masterpiece.

The Best Free Recording Software for Windows

If you are looking to record audio, you may know that many recording software programs can be expensive. However, there are alternatives to purchasing software at an expensive price. You can download recording software for Windows at no cost. Some free recording programs offer more features than others, so it’s worth a bit of research.


  • Audacity is a free audio recording program for Windows that also allows you to import other media sound files, such as .WAV, .AIFF, and .MP3 extensions. You can edit your recordings by cutting, pasting and copying audio within the program’s editor. Audacity also offers effects to add to your sound media, such as “Echo,” “Noise Removal” and “Change Tempo.”


  • If you’re looking for a program that works with live recordings, Kristal allows you to connect your instrument or a microphone using VST FX, a free audio plug-in. Kristal is a multi-track recording program, with a 16-track limit. You can edit and arrange your audio clips as you like and download extensions for additional audio effects.


  • FreeCorder allows you to record audio directly from a PC, a CD or live streaming audio from the Internet. You can record any streaming MP3 audio file online or on your PC and export the MP3 as an MP3 or an MPEG4; you also can save and record web videos to your computer’s hard drive. FreeCorder also offers live TV and radio.


How to Use Pro Tools Recording Software in a Home Recording Studio

Using Pro Tools recording software can be a challenge at first, but once mastered will open the possibilities of home recording studios to you. This is the most widely used recording software in both home and professional recording studios. It delivers many mixing options and clear sound.


  1. Learn about Pro Tools and the accessories that can be used with the program. For optimal sound, use Pro Tools components with it such as the converter and other controllers. Take time to read the entire manual before starting the program. This will help with installation.
  2. Look for the components and items that are supposed to be packaged with the Pro Tools software. There should be an Mbox, which plugs in via USB and two firewires interfaces. These are Digi002 Rack and Digi002 Control Surface.
  3. Lay down a basic sound and listen to it a few times to understand how a digital recording sounds. This is often going to sound pretty flat, with no warmth like a live recording. Though you can add live recordings, learn to work with what the software offers first, then add live music in.
  4. Add some other components in to the basic sound and see if you can bring it to life. If you started with a basic drum beat, add a piano to brighten it up and give your recording a melody. If it doesn’t sound right, try adding a different instrument or changing the pace of the beat.
  5. Play around with the different features on the program to figure out what you can do. This should include referring back to the program guide. There are often little things in there you won’t think of and a troubleshooting section for solving any problems you might have.

Experience the Revolutionary New Phase of Digital Signage

The benefits of digital market and digital marketing have made business to shift towards the digital world. The digital world provides the power to the businesses to grab more attention and more gain more sales. The use of digital signage is also benefited with the same revolution of the digital world. Digital signage is the best and affordable way to advertise and reach more audience easily. This gadget has proven its importance in various sectors. Every field is benefited from it. Organization, industries, colleges, hospitals, airports all is using digital signage as an effective way to lead their business. The vast resource of digital signage and its potential to reach maximum audience have made a favorite choice of business.

Every business needs to reach the targeted audience and have a control on their information. This made digital signage a popular digital product in the world.

A medium that changed the delivery of information

Digital signage can display dynamic content on the screen. The specialty of digital signage made business to save more money than before. Instead of using static advertisements, businesses are now happy with the results of dynamic advertisement.

For an e.g. before the digital signage, hotels and restaurants use banners and posters to display their services and charge rates. Whenever they need to update the service list and charge list they need to order printing press top print banners and posters. Now, digital signage has overcome their problems. A single device is sufficient to display dynamic content on the screen with one touch. Shop owners, hotels etc are using to display their services in a more detailed and informative way.

The use of visual content for displaying information makes it more advanced and unique than any other format. It’s an eye-catching technology. It grabs more attention from the audience and also influences buyers.

Revolutionary technology at work

The use of digital signage helps business to target the right audience more easily. It can even scan age and gender of the audience. The system is more advanced and unique. You can display more information in a visual format to gain more engagement of the audience on your advertisement. You can get more returns by using digital signage to promote your brand or product. The use of digital signage inside the office, building and outside the building are more effective.

It helps in guiding visitors. Bank use digital signage to provide easy and quick information to their customers about the waiting time and the queue time. The information updates with a single click. Placement of the screen outside the building and advertising your product will be visible to all the audience that will cross that street. You can easily reach to thousands without much more effort. The display of information on an HD screen by using quality graphics and HD videos will put more impact on the audience.

Cloud signage

You can display information on multiple screens at a time by using cloud digital signage. The signages connected to your cloud will display the information on multiple screens. signage offers the best signage services to business and individuals. Contact us for information on digital signage services.


Three Reasons You Need to Hire an SEO

For many modern businesses, there’s no better place to get clients than right on your website. Depending on what kind of business you do, that may, in fact, be the only way that you’re getting work. The real problem with this, however, is that generating leads from your website can be difficult. You may be spending more time on your marketing strategy than you do working on projects for your clients. That’s increasingly common as internet marketing becomes increasingly complicated. Imagine if you were able to focus all of your time on work that actually pays the bills. If you had enough work to fill your entire week, how much more money would you be making?

Perhaps the best way for you to achieve this is to have a better search engine ranking, but how can you positively influence your rank? SEO companies in Dubai can help you to do just that. Strongly consider the information below as you decide whether or not hiring an SEO is worth it to your business.

Time Savings

As we discussed above, many modern business owners spend a huge amount of time on behind-the-scenes work that doesn’t really help them to earn money directly. Many people believe that they should be doing all of this work on their own, but the truth is that you can’t be in two places at once, and you can’t be an expert at everything. If you want to be successful, regardless of what your business is all about, you’re going to need help from an expert at some point. Letting the experts do their work will allow you to do what you do best, and that will ultimately make you much more successful at whatever you do.

Get Results

There’s not enough time in the world for you to become proficient at all the skills that are required to successfully run a business. Whether you provide software, physical products, or services to your clients, you need to be spending more time helping them and less time trying to learn something entirely new. SEO is a field that is constantly changing, and that means that it’s going to require an awful lot from you if you are to be effective. Do you have the time to be constantly catching up on the latest search engine strategies and discoveries, and then also spend time implementing them? For most business owners, the answer is a resounding no, and that means that there’s no way you can get the best results from your own efforts, regardless of how diligent you are, or how little you sleep at night.

Avoid Mistakes

Because search engines are so difficult to work with, a very large number of people go after the strategies that are most likely to yield results quickly. This kind of impatience can be extremely damaging to your business, however. All the major search engines put up red flags when they see certain behaviour, but it can be difficult to keep up with the current understanding of what works and what will get you blacklisted. Professional SEOs make it their job to know exactly what they can and can’t do, and this specialization makes the uniquely positioned to avoid costly SEO mistakes.

The Difference between an Everyday PC and a Gaming PC

In a world which is becoming increasingly mobile, one ‘stationary’ piece of equipment which has experienced exponential growth in the tech industry is the gaming PC. Hard-core gamers may be well versed in the benefits of choosing a gaming PC over an ordinary PC. But for those who are new to gaming or who are looking to enhance their gaming experience, it is important to understand what the difference is between a standard desktop and a gaming computer.

The Purpose of a Normal PC

Your basic PC is there to serve several different basic functions. These PCs can handle a number of pertinent tasks, including:

  • Providing direct access to the internet
  • Operating word processing software
  • Creating and saving documents

A typical PC is not designed to be incredibly powerful because most individuals do not require a powerful computer. They are ideal for working, browsing the Internet, and for enjoying some very basic low-level gaming. These computers can also be outfitted with “upgrades” to suit your needs (i.e. a graphic designer would need to have an above average graphics card installed so that the standard PC could handle the work they perform).

Why Choose a Gaming PC

Several of the games designed today can operate decently on a typical PC, but these games and higher level games will demand the use of a gaming PC. Gaming PCs made by companies such as Chillblast (See more here) are outfitted with a number of unique upgrades which make them ideal for gaming, such as:

  • High-Level Data Storage

Memory is an important consideration for any computer, but it is particularly important when it comes to gaming PCs. Without enough RAM, your PC may not be able to handle the memory demands necessary to support your favourite games. As a result, you may experience lag when playing or your game may unexpectedly shut down. If you are on the market for a gaming PC, keep in mind that the higher the RAM, the faster your machine will run while you are gaming.

  • Innovative Liquid Cooling Systems

One problem which gamers who use normal PCs face is overheating issues. Normal computers only have a small fan system to cool themselves. Given the amount of work which a computer needs to do to keep up with many of the best and most intense games today, they need to have a more sophisticated cooling system. This is why the newest gaming machines will be built with a thorough liquid cooling system.

  • Top Of The Line Graphics Card

A decade or so ago, the graphics card in a PC did not matter all too much. The games were fairly basic and were not incredibly in-depth, and so the basic PC would be able to handle the demands which were placed on the system.

The games of today are far from basic. Most now have incredible graphics which include intricate details and are life-like in appearance. In order to be sure that you can enjoy these graphics and get the most out of your gaming, you need to have a gaming PC with a high-quality graphics card.


Invest in a Touch Screen Watch

chinavasion(2)China had always fascinated me, ever since my trip to the country. I was amazed to have witnessed its culture and accessories. The one thing that I really loved was the range of tech gadgets that were available there. I purchased a whole lot before I could fly back home. It has been a year since my first visit and I wanted to invest in a few more electronic gadgets especially those of an android watch.

Speaking of watches I always loved them and the one mentioned here has become a trend among the masses. The particular watch has a blend of technology and aesthetics of the fashion thing. Followed by the innovative touch screen technology, it not only shows time but allows calling too. I was certain the minimalist design with square face will surely appeal to my brother to whom I wanted to give it as a gift.

However, I did not have the time to personally visit a store for a purchase due to my busy business commitments but I also did not want to miss out on the chance of buying one touch screen watch. This is when one of my friends suggested that I browse through the web to purchase the best gadget. I was not sure as to how effective it would turn out to be in the end but I had no option available. It was not as if I was reluctant to buy from an online store but I was not sure about the choices I would get.

Certainly such gadgets are definitely expensive, given the fact that it is a necessity in today’s day and age. Wherein business persons like me, and tech savvy individuals like my brother would not be able to survive without the same. When I browsed through several websites, I always kept in mind certain aspects knowing how particular my brother is while it comes to latest gadgets. These include the design, hardware, calling, battery ram material quality and its costs of course. I purchased bluetooth watch, keeping the same in mind given the fact that both me and my brother wanted to use them for long.

I looked through a reliable China based website that made available such products. Luckily I did not have to spend much time in search of a reliable store as through the major search engines I got access to a trustworthy source. The site I had invested in, gave me the opportunity to browse through several such types of watches. I looked through each one and made my choice accordingly. Right from the silver colored mobile watch to the orange one the options available were endless. It certainly looked rich elegant and I was certain that it would go well with my overall personality.

It was surely worth every penny. I could not have asked for more. It took me few minutes to place my order. I remember having purchased around six to seven different types of watches not only for my family but for friends as well. In the end I was very happy with my purchase and the web surely did help and would recommend everyone to opt for the same.



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Hong Kong

Which is the best suitable camera for amateur photographers?


Buying a digital camera is not as easy as buying pack of chocolate, as there are hundreds of cameras with varied features available in the market. Basic camera can prove to be good choice if you are just willing to capture few moments while on outing, or to attend a birthday party. But you might need camera with advanced settings to capture glimpse of wildlife while in forest or hilly areas.

Once you zero on the camera that suits your requirement, you should read all the information and technical aspects about the same by visiting the camera maker’s website. Read reviews about the concerned device to understand its negative and positive aspects.

Price is another factor that needs to be considered. It completely depends on the features that you are looking in the camera. The more you pay the better features you would get.

Here are some details about world’s most sold types of cameras

Compact cameras

Compact ones are the most widely used cameras these days, and they are also known as point-and-shoot cameras. These devices offer all the control and flexibility that basic users need while clicking pictures. There are several different models with various types of lenses available in the market. You should choose your camera after considering the type of lens that you are looking for because Compact camera’s lens is attached with its body and cannot be changed.

You can use them to click images while on vacation, or attending events like birthday parties, reunions, meetings, etc. These are small, yet powerful cameras. But they might fail to capture the real beauty.

DSLR cameras

Digital single lens reflect, or DSLR cameras are popular among professional photographers and wildlife experts. You can use several lenses with this camera, and can also use various accessories to get the best clicks. These devices allow professionals to perfectly control color, focus, brightness, and other aspects of the image. Besides professionals, people also use them in point and shoot mode.

If you are one of those individuals who have considerable experience in handling these cameras to capture the glimpse of wildlife, make sure that you carry all the lenses of these cameras in DSLR camera kit instead of carrying them in other types of bags.

Bridge cameras are portable

Bridge cameras are easy to carry. They cannot offer images as good as those offered by DSLR cameras, but their images are better than those captured by Compact ones. Bridge cameras have long lens, but they are not interchangeable. You can use Bridge cameras in a variety of surroundings. People from all age groups can use them as they are easy to operate.

Looking for an impressive camera with affordable price tag?

Panasonic introduced two impressive cameras during this year’s Consumer Electronics show held at Las Vegas. Lumix TZ57 and TZ70 are manageable and small, but offer impressive performance and creative features to enhance your photographs.

TZ70 is loaded with advanced auto focus system and hybrid optical stabilizer. The camera’s 3-inch screen is good enough to even show small cockroaches.

On the other hand, TZ57 is the best device to click your selfie. You can fold the compact camera’s screen up to 180 degrees. The 16 megapixels camera is fitted with modest versatile lens. TZ57 is perfect choice for you if you are looking for great features in limited budget. Its 20x optical zoom is good enough to capture wonderful natural surroundings as well as any other things while inside the cement jungle. Perhaps, this might prove to be 2015s best superzoom camera with affordable price tag. You can also connect the camera with internet using its Wi-Fi connectivity.

Save Money , Stay Happy.!

Here’s great news for all the prepaid users!

In India almost 90%-95% people prefer using prepaid phones over postpaid. Do you know why?

In prepaid, a person can cut the cost of their fixed bills and can reduce the costs of their phone bills.

That’s not it! A few other important reasons for choosing prepaid plans are timely reminders of the balance available on our phones for various recharges made and warning of balances in case it is very low or almost nil.

These options are not available in postpaid schemes as they come in the form of bills that are usually considered a burden on customers when it comes to making the payment. Although sometimes, even the prepaid plans become costly for people.

But Billbachao has a solution to all these problems. Wonder how? Read on!

Customers are given the freedom to choose from a wide variety of options. They have also come up with various combo plans and discount offers. The plans can be based on one’s budget of how much he/she would like to spend on their phone on a monthly basis. Based on the choice, users are however provided with the best combo offers. So let’s find out how that works!

Based on the budget of a prepaid plan, a customer can choose the most favorable option. Billbachao provides online recharge offers for all kinds of service providers like Airtel, Vodafone, Docomo, Aircel, Idea and Reliance, etc. It so happens that many of the prepaid users are unaware of the many discount offers available on their phones and mobile operators.

However, on this website customers can avail interesting discount offers for their phones. Another good feature of this website is the Combo Pack they provide users. This is how it works- A person who wants to get their phone recharged can set a budget for themselves to help them bifocate their expenditure  on the basis of calls, SMS and data. After that is done, Billbachao comes in action!

This mobile Internet Service however scans your needs and provides you the best plan that is offered by your service provider. The offers that are provided are explained in simple terms so that there is no confusion in the minds of the customers who avail the services from the website.

Not just that, there are also refund options available only for the recharges that were unsuccessfully made. Instant recharge offers are available based on the amount and plans selected by customers. There is also an App for this website where one can recharge their phone.

It is usually said that drops of rain fill the mighty ocean. Similarly, little savings in money will fill our banks. So, enjoy the recharge services that are provided at Billbachao and make your recharge hassle free.

Polycab Instrumentation Shielded and MICC Cables Manufacturer and Dealers

When you build industry or personal home, institutes , organization, laboratory etc then you have need to electricity for different purpose like LAN, CCTV management etc .for accomplish their electricity requirement you have nee d corresponding cable and wires e.g. polycaab Instrumentation Shielded MICC Defense Cables That fit in your requirement but choosing proper and authenticate items and authenticate supplier and dealer is a panic work in itself. There are huge shops and dealer available in NCR and also promise their originality but after purchasing items from that is shops realty is opened. In my personal opinion in current scenario I see that also big shop make false commitment. So before use money for above types you should think all sides of facts. I am not saying that ElectricalCart full fill 100% but trying to cent percent. When it supply or deal any items then consecrate all hassle and remove this that make customer satisfaction. This effort make established dealer manufacturer and supplier since 1980. It only focuses on customer satisfaction and timely delivery along with this it also provides feasible prices that make Electrical cart more and more popular

. Polycab Cables- Polycab an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 company, is India’s No. 1 Cables & Wires Company, with a glorious track record of over 4 decades. We are considered to be the fastest growing company in the Indian Cable industry. Our competitive edge lies in product innovation, superior quality and easy availability. Electricalcart is certified dealer of Polycab Cable. It have all updated items of polycab.

Mineral-insulated copper-clad cable(MICC) is a variety of electrical cable made from copper conductors inside a copper sheath, insulated by inorganic magnesium oxide powder. The name is often abbreviated to MICC or MI cable, and colloquially known as pyro (because the original manufacturer and vendor for this product in the UK was a company called Pyrotenax). A similar product sheathed with metals other than copper is called mineral insulated metal sheathed (MIMS) cable.MICC cable is made by placing copper rods inside a circular copper tube and filling the intervening spaces with dry magnesium oxide powder. The overall assembly is then pressed between rollers to reduce its diameter (and increase its length). Up to seven conductors are often found in an MI cable, with up to 19 available from some manufacturers. Electrical Cart is number one supplier of this cable in Delhi NCR with Reasonable prices and full customer satisfaction.

5 reason why to choose Panasonic Mobile Phone?

Man and mobile today are inseparable. Mobile phones are today playing a key role in our daily lives. Teenagers to adults or even children everyone who owns a mobile phone today think that it is an essential component of their lives. Even in the most remote villages there are mobile phones coming in. There are several reasons why we have become so addicted to mobile phones and these phones today are a major component of everyone’s lives. The way people communicate with each other has changed. Owing to the convenience of mobile phones, there stays no doubt that it now becomes a popular gadget of every person.

People select mobile phones depending on their needs, budget and personal styles they prefer. The market is filled with innumerable variety of phones. Choices can be narrowed down to different brands, models, looks, features the phone comes with and majorly how much is the buyer willing to spend.

Choosing the best mobile phone in the market

Modern life is all about convenience and everything to needs to happen within a blink. While calling mobile phones only a necessity is unfair, as few brands and models become a style statement or a luxury quotient. Day in and out several models and brands of mobile phones are launched to adapt the orders of people. Functionalities such as look, style, colors, multi-media, camera and the Internet rule the deciding factor of buying behavior of consumers.

Bringing revolution since ages, Panasonic now has established its foot stable in the mobile segment of the digital market in the recent times. It has emerged as a very successful brand with best Panasonic mobile phones. There are few reasons listed below why one should opt for these state of the art mobile phones in different budgets lined with latest technological innovations.

Value for Money: From basic to most advances ones, all the models of Panasonic are value for money be it all the best-selling Eluga ranges of Panasonic or P and T ranges of smartphones as compared to other brands with similar specifications.

Stylish designs: From basic designs of models such as such as GD21, GD22 and GD 31 which are below INR 2000 or middle range models such as P55, P 41, T 40, Eluga A, Eluga S or high end luxury models such as P61 or Eluga U all have a very stylish and sleek silhouette to attract buyers of any age group.

Lucrative specifications: The models have IPS Display, high quality pixel of much in demand selfie camera or the front camera.

Special unique features: Panasonic in its smart phones has brought in special features one of which is called Blink Play that lets users capture much famous among youngsters’ selfies without actually touching on the camera button. Users can just blink looking in the camera or even touch anywhere on the screen to capture selfies.

Battery backup: A very good mAh that a Panasonic smart phone holds is its speciality when compared to other brands.

To experience the features yourself, you need to gift yourself a Panasonic smart phone.

Which Comes First, The Tools or The Solution?

The internet has supported an explosion of software tools for almost any imaginable application. Many of these tools are the result of real-world efforts to solve complex data or process integration problems. Realizing the similarity between the needs for initial specific solution and thousands of other businesses, the developers reasonably assume that the basic framework of the tool set has tremendous market potential. The range of such tools is vast including knowledge management, data analytics, data integration, mobile applications and many more.

At first, the developer analyzes the market opportunity by primarily looking at businesses that have very similar needs to the initial solution. As the analysis continues, similarities appear beyond that core market and a process of abstraction begins where custom, vertical industry functionality is stripped from the solution in order to make the tool set more broadly applicable. The irony is that this process takes the developer farther away from the real world solution that made it meaningful and attractive to the business customer.

Spurred on by the imagined enormous market potential assumed via the abstraction process, the developer continues to find ways to make the tool set more adaptable and universally applicable to every industry. Along the way, the language used to describe the solution evolves. Initially, the benefits were described in terms of user functionality, productivity and other business outcomes. Now, the benefits are described in terms of adaptability, customization, programming flexibility and other technical attributes.

To complicate the analysis even more, the developer assumes that making these tools available on the internet (or the ubiquitous ‘cloud’) at a very low price will automatically generate large volumes of sales as customers flock to the technology. Lost in all of this is the business user who paid for the initial solution, along with anyone else who needs such a solution. Instead, the software developer industry is provided with yet another array of tools looking for a problem to solve. Business leaders are not looking for tool sets to solve business application or information processing problems. They are looking for solutions. The only way for the new tool set to be presented as a relevant solution to any new business customer is if a software developer performs custom programming. Sometimes, the tools include a large array of customization or configuration features, which require highly technical resources to manipulate them.

Of course, solutions must be built on state of the art, reliable and functional technologies. The investment in information technology solutions must not only produce the desired business outcomes now, it must be affordable and easy to support and maintain well into the future. Presented with a myriad of tool sets, the business leader is not equipped to discern the value of any one of them. Nor can he or she piece together the remaining components of a solution without a competent IT partner. Frankly, there is little about the value proposition offered by these tool sets that appeals to a business leader who measures productivity and profitability in terms such as margins, cash flow, cycle times, customer acquisition and retention and other business performance metrics.

Indeed, these tool sets may indeed offer value to someone. Typically, that someone is a technical person assessing whether the cost of the tool combined with the proposed cost and time savings versus other alternatives will justify the expense. The developer of the tools must recognize who their ultimate buying audience is and adjust the value propositions and marketing efforts accordingly. Either use the tools to produce real business solutions for business leaders, or focus on providing the technical community with tools that improve their productivity. Throwing tools into the cloud and waiting for the magic to happen, or simply hoping that business leaders will find a use for them is likely to add the tools to a long list of good ideas that nobody ever heard of.

Patrick is a coach, speaker, and trainer to individuals and business leaders. He helps leaders to achieve success by clarifying their vision, strategic plans, leadership, change management, brand and marketing strategy. He helps individuals to remove self-limiting beliefs and fears that prevent them from acting on their goals and dreams.

How to Find Recent Downloads on a Personal PC

At times you may need to find the most recently downloaded files on your PC. Luckily, most browsers store their files in one default folder, to save you searching for that file you just downloaded. The most widely used browsers, Firefox and Internet Explorer, both save downloads to this default folder unless a different location is specified. You can find your most recent downloads by simply navigating to this folder.

For Internet Explorer Users

  1. Click “Star,” “My Computer,” “C Drive,” “Users,” “Your Name” and “Downloads.” This is the default folder that Internet Explorer saves download to.
  2. Check to see if there is a heading labeled “Date Created.” If there is no Date Created column, right-click the “Name” heading and select “Date Created.” The Date Created column will now appear next to the Name column.
  3. Click the “Date Created” heading to display the most recently downloaded files at the top of the window. Browse the files at the top of the list to see the most recent downloads.

For Mozilla Firefox Users

  1. Open Firefox,
  2. Click “Tools” and then “Downloads.”
  3. Browse the downloads window to see the most recent files. Downloaded files are automatically displayed with the most recent downloads at the top.


How to Use Win Spy





Win Spy is a computer monitoring software that runs in the background, recording user activity in stealth mode. Win Spy may be installed on a local system, such as at home computers to monitor children’s Internet behavior, or deployed on multiple remotely located PCs, such as in a workspace to enforce conformance to IT policies. Win Spy can only be accessed by a special key combination, ensuring that users cannot open or uninstall the program. In monitoring a system, the program captures real-time screen shots, records typed keys, monitors Internet usage and also records webcam activity. You may use Win Spy to monitor general computer and Internet usage behavior when out of location.

Local PC

  1. Go to the developer’s website, “,” and download the installer file. Save the executable file, named “setup.exe” on desktop. When download completes, double-click the file icon to begin installing. Confirm simple onscreen prompts to walk through the installation process.
  2. Associate a username and password with the program. When prompted in the initial setup process, type in a username and password to access the program. Choose terms that you can easily remember. You will need this to access the program each time.
  3. Launch the Win Spy interface. Use the secret “Ctrl,” “Shift” and “F12” key combination to login. Configure the program and set preferences from “Options” under the “Tools” menu item. Click on each of the seven tabs, marked “Screen Shots” through “Miscellaneous” to specify settings. You may activate or disable features including screen capture, motion detect, SMS alert and keyword matcher, among other. You may also change the secret key combination from the tab marked “Hotkey.”
  4. Set the program to stealth mode. Click “File” and then “Exit” to hide the interface and run it in the background. Review records after several hours of activity. Launch the interface using the assigned hotkey and click on “Reports” on the menu bar. Click on each item in the sub-menu, such as “Keylogs Report” or “Internet Time Spent” to open the reports page for that selection.

Remote PC

  1. Download and install Win Spy on a local computer before deploying it to a remote PC. Click “Remote” and then “Remote Install” on the menu bar. This will open a window titled “Remote Install File Creator.”
  2. Create a file to send to the target PC via email. This file will install Win Spy on the remote PC, when the user opens the email message. This feature is especially convenient for workplaces with many different computers in different locations. Use the file creator tool to make a file in one of several different formats, such as JPG, PPT and EXE.
  3. Configure the program. Use the feature tabs to specify which components you want to activate in the remote PC. When done, click “Create Remote File” and close the program interface. Attach the file to an email message and send to the target email address.
  4. Open the program when you are sure Win Spy has been installed on the remote PC. Click “Remote” and then “Remote Viewer.” You may see a list of remote PCs, depending on how many computers are beinfgmonitored. Click on the PC you want to view reports for, and specify which activity you want to monitor.


How to Spy on Computer Use

As a security administrator, auditor or “ethical hacker,” there are times when you will be tasked to monitor a person’s computer usage, including Internet sites visited, files created and/or modified and computer accounts created and/or modified. As a head-of-household, you face many of the same challenges, especially as a parent. Built-in, free and commercial computer usage analysis products are readily available to provide you with the means to accomplish computer usage monitoring and auditing.

Tools and Methods

  1. Install a hardware keylogger, such as Keyghost, on the target computer between the keyboard cord’s connector and the keyboard port on the back of the target computer. Later, play back the target’s keystrokes on the source computer to determine computer usage, passwords and other vital information regarding the target computer.
  2. Install a software keylogger on the target computer. Configure it so that the target’s keystrokes are sent to a destination of your choosing (to your remote source/monitoring computer, for example).
  3. Install NetNanny on the target home system. Use NetNanny’s reporting feature to monitor Internet usage.
  4. Login to your firewall/router as the administrator and enable outbound logging. View and collect the IP addresses of the sites visited by each computer on your internal network.
    Firewall outgoing log
  5. Install an instant messaging log viewer, such as the free SkypeLogView, on the target computer. Run the IM log-viewing program on the target computer to read transcripts of any chat logs that have not been deleted from the computer.
  6. Purchase an external hard drive with at least as much space as the target system. Next, purchase and run a hard drive duplication program, such as Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost, on the target system. Use the software to make an exact copy of the entire hard drive contents. Uninstall the duplication software from the target computer. Review and analyze your exact copy using your source computer.
    Acronis True Image
  7. Login to the target computer as an administrator. Double-click “My Computer.” Double-click the “C:” drive. Double-click “Documents and Settings.” Double-click the folder belonging to the target user. Double-click “Local Settings.” Double-click “History.” Within this history area, double-click each folder in turn, and review the browsing history within each folder (such as Today’s history).
    IE history
  8. Login to the target computer as an administrator. Double-click “My Computer.” Double-click the “C:” drive. Double-click “Documents and Settings.” Double-click the folder belonging to the target user. Double-click “Local Settings.” Double-click “Temporary Internet Files.” Within this area, review the user’s cookies, because often history is erased yet cookies remain.
    Browser cookies
  9. Install the commercial software radmin (remote administrator) client on your monitoring computer; next install radmin server on the target system. Set the target radmin server to silent mode so that you may connect to the target system without permission and without being seen. Run the radmin client on your monitoring computer. Connect to the target computer, and you will see everything the user types and everything the user sees.
    Radmin remote control

Proxy Redirect

  1. Install and configure commercial proxy/firewall software (such as Microsoft ISA [Internet Security and Acceleration Server]) on your monitoring system. Alternatively, install free proxy/firewall software).
    Microsoft ISA
  2. Install and configure commercial Web traffic monitoring software, such as WebMarshal, on your monitoring system. Alternatively, install free Web traffic monitoring software.
  3. Login to the target system as an administrator and set the Internet Explorer browser settings (Tools, Internet Options, Connection Settings, LAN settings) to point to your monitoring proxy server. Be sure to choose “Use a proxy server” and enter the IP address of your monitoring proxy server. Continue to click “OK” until you have exited the various settings modules.
    IE proxy settings
  4. Additionally, modify the target system so that all Internet and Web traffic passes through your monitoring proxy/firewall server: Click “Start,” “Settings,” “Control Panel”; right-click on “Network”; choose “Properties”; select the target’s primary network card; right-click; select “Properties”; select “TCP/IP V4”; select “Properties”; then set the “default gateway” of the target’s network card to point to your source computer’s proxy/firewall server. Click “OK” and continue clicking “OK” in the various panels until you exit the network card settings. Reboot if prompted to do so.
    Proxy default gateway
  5. Run the proxy/firewall product’s monitoring and analysis tools on your monitoring system to track and review the target’s Internet and Web traffic and habits.

How to Install Anti-Virus Software on an Infected Computer

While most viruses and spyware are relatively easy to remove with standard anti-virus software, some viruses are so sophisticated that they can prevent the user from installing anti-virus software and in some cases, can disable or uninstall existing protections on the computer. These viruses are often the most difficult to deal with because they are able to prevent the user from taking actions that could result in the removal of the virus. To successfully remove the virus, you will need to install anti-virus software that approaches the issue from a different angle than typical anti-virus programs before you can proceed with installing standard protection.

Install Anti-Virus Program With USB Drive

  1. Plug the USB drive into an uninfected computer. Most viruses spread to USB devices so installing the anti-virus from your infected computer will not help.
  2. Install a USB drive-based anti-virus program onto your thumb drive (see Resources).
  3. Restart the infected computer.
  4. Press “F8” during the boot initialization process until the boot options menu appears.
  5. Select “Safe Mode” to boot Windows without additional services, software and malware.
  6. Plug the USB drive into the infected computer once Windows boots into safe mode.
  7. Run the anti-virus software from the USB drive to remove virus infections.

Run Anti-Virus From the Command Prompt

  1. Download an anti-virus program that is capable of running from the command prompt (see References).
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Press “F8” during the boot initialization process until the boot options menu appears.
  4. Select “Safe Mode” to boot Windows without additional services, software and malware.
  5. Launch a Command Prompt by selecting “Start” and then “Run” and then typing “cmd.”
  6. Initiate the anti-virus scan from the command prompt as specified by the instructions included with the download.